The purpose of this website is to highlight the different aspects of indoor air quality in hospitals while taking particular focus on the UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL. The contents of the site highlight:

  • Background on how indoor air pollution in hospitals is generated and which contaminants cause health issues and the ramifications of these problems
  • Regulations and standards that control air quality within hospitals
  • Air pollution control devices used to meet air quality regulations and standards with a focus on HVAC systems
  • Summary and final thoughts on the subject
  • Link to YouTube Video for our project and final report (the latter to be uploaded by December 10, 2015 – the due date for the final report)

This website was created by the members of HAPs to meet project requirements for ENV 4121- Air Pollution Control Devices taught by Dr. Chang-Yu Wu at the University of Florida during the Fall 2015 semester. The members of HAPs along with each individual’s contributions are listed below:

  • Carolina Bryan – Backgrounds and Problems page; Scheduled Shands tour
  • Anjali Modi – HVAC Air Pollution Control Device page
  • Taylor Murphy – Other Control Technologies page
  • Chad Spreadbury – Regulations & Standards page; Webmaster
  • Bridget Wlosek – Backgrounds and Problems page; Compiled YouTube video
  • All – About and Summary & Final Thoughts pages

All of us from HAPs want to thank you for viewing our webpage. We hope you all take something away and learn something new about this important topic!

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